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Tunnex Laboratories Engineering Ltd.

Talking about the best laboratory equipment suppliers in Nigeria.

A Market Leader in the Equipping of School Science Laboratories, Industries & Hospitals with all the necessary wherewithal –furniture, fixtures, refurbishment, equipment, chemicals, and reagents – all at highly competitive prices.

We deal in Medical and laboratory supplies in Lagos Nigeria

The best laboratory equipment suppliers in Nigeria
The best laboratory equipment suppliers in Nigeria

To be one of the best laboratory equipment suppliers in Nigeria.

We offer a variety of laboratory designs, wide range medical supplies from those of physical sciences to quality control laboratories and workshop benches.

We work closely with our customers and package the finest from top brands in the world.

We normally visit to evaluate a prospective client’s requirement in relation to their available facilities and then produce a preliminary lay-out design based on customer’s lab-flow, the planned instrumentation and anticipated growth potential.

We are the NO 1 Online laboratory equipment suppliers in Nigeria

Tunnex Laboratories Engineering Ltd is the right company for you.

It was incorporated in 1983 but commenced operation in 1987 with the aim of providing good quality, functional, durable, safe and affordable modern laboratories to both National & International Markets.

To a great extent, this purpose has been excellently achieved.

We offer a variety of laboratory designs ranging from those of Physical Sciences to quality control laboratories and Workshop benches.

We normally visit to evaluate a prospective client’s requirements in relation to their available facilities.

We produce a preliminary layout based on the customer’s lab flow, the planned instrumentation, and anticipated growth potential.

However, such designs had been made and executed for so many Industries, Hospitals and Universities.

We undertake training or workshop programs for various scientists in handling & managing equipment and also hold, at all times, a considerable stock of research and general laboratory equipment, glass wares, and Chemicals/Reagents at very competitive prices.

Our greatest asset is our well trained, well tested and highly experienced personnel who ensure long shelf-life through our practice of excellent materials selection,

design and our traditional craftsmanship equipped with maximum strength and rigidity.

We affirm that we offer the best in our area of specialization. And sell varieties of brands like bomex and all types of brand names.

we excel in Laboratory design, fabrication & installation of Furniture & Fittings, supply of Science Equipment, Glasswares & Chemicals/reagents, Fume cupboard/

Laminal flow, Procurement & Setting up Glassblowing Laboratory Equipment.

Our goal is to provide good quality, standard and affordable Science materials for the purpose of driving creativity and originality in the Science world especially in Nigeria.


To equip Science Laboratories with quality infrastructures, products and unsurprisingly excellent support services for sustainable development of the human community.


To create an enabling science environment for the growth of intellectuals


Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, Diligence, Originality

Our Programs

We are passionate about building future leaders that can think creatively and independently, hence we have organized several virtual and physical programs that provides them with a comfortable environment that enables them to acquire knowledge in Educational science, Engineering and Mathematics.

Category 1 – Science Laboratory ActivitiesCategory 2 – Coding and Robotics

We offer an in-house Study to complement their special Knowledge in Science Education. The fusion of our polished, yet rustic industrial style combines modern comforts with a vintage Educational system.

Our Online atmosphere is designed to encourage memorable relaxing and social experiences which allow the kids to interact with other kids from other location or schools.

Also, materials to aid STEM learning/activities can be purchased from us by clicking the link.

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