Microscope Prepared Slides

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Variety of prepared slides covering bacteriology, botany, zoology etc
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Alvelous, Amoeba, Artery, Ascarid, Ascaris, Azollla, Blood Cell, Bronchus, Capillary Vessel, Chlamydomonas, Dicot Leaf C.S, Dicot Leaf, Dicot Stem T.S, Euglena C.S, Funaria Moss W.M, Hydra, Kidney, Liver, Meiosis Merchantiagemma cup Sec. (Moss), Mitosis, Monocot Leaf, Monocot Root, Monocot Stem C.S, Mucor, Nephron Obelia, Pancreas, Paramecium, Part of Insect, Renal WM, Glomerulus, Rhizopubim, Selaginella Stem, Spirogyra CS, Typical Animal Cell, Typical Animal Plant, Vein